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Vienna Symphonic Library

BBO: Izar - Low Brass ClustersBBO: Izar includes all of the articulations of the Low Brass prequel Hercules, sans legatos, played as clusters. You get short notes, marcatos, several dynamic articulations (sfz, sffz, various crescendos and decrescendos), flutter tonguing, trills, glissandos and fast ..
BBO: Altair - Section EssentialsBig Bang Orchestra: Altair presents a different take on Vienna’s Synchron full orchestra recordings and the perfect enhancement to the tutti performances of Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda. BBO: Altair provides completely new recordings of short and long notes that are ..
BBO: Hercules - Low BrassBig Bang Orchestra: Hercules includes ensemble recordings of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, and one contrabass tuba that plays an octave below the other instruments and can be individually turned on or off.BBO: Hercules - Low BrassBig Bold BrassSynchron Stage Vienna’s f..
BBO: Jupiter - HornsWorking with Viennese musicians, the Vienna Horn would be the natural choice, but the double French horn is the gold standard in film scoring, so that's what they've recorded for this installment of the Big Bang Orchestra. Its compelling sound is well rounded from pianissimo to f..
BBO: Kopernikus - TrumpetsAs with all the brass libraries of the Big Bang Orchestra, the sound of this trumpet ensemble delivers the intimate, thrilling timbre associated with countless contemporary film scores. To that end the Vienna team recorded Bb trumpets with piston valves rather than the rota..
BBO: Lyra - High StringsLyra, the first Big Bang Orchestra module dedicated entirely to string ensembles, offers beautiful performances of three string sections. With 14 first violins and 12 second violins playing in unison, and 8 violas playing an octave below, these captivating performances are pe..
BBO: Musca - Low StringsBBO: Musca features low strings, the perfect complement to BBO:Lyra. Recording six cellos and four basses playing together in octaves creates a homogenous, well-balanced sound, as the musicians adjust their intonation, tone color, phrasing and vibrato instantly and instinctiv..
BBO: Neptune - Tutti WoodwindsBBO: Neptune features an ensemble of 13 woodwind instruments playing tutti (all together) in unison and octaves, perfectly balanced and optimized for the Synchron Player.Big Bang Orchestra: NeptuneTutti WoodwindsEnsemble of 13 woodwinds, playing in unison and octavesPer..
BBO: Ymir - Children's ChoirFor the second vocal installment of the Big Bang Orchestra the Vienna team was happy to enlist the talents of the internationally acclaimed "Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen" children's choir. With a tradition of over 70 years, this illustrious choir has performed at the Vienna S..
MIRx Synchron Stage ViennaThe MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna reverb expansion allows users to seamlessly mix their Vienna Instruments Collections with exactly the same ambience found in the landmark Synchron Series Collections, bringing all of Vienna's award-winning instruments together under one roof.M..
Vienna MIR 3D RoomPack 5 - Pernegg MonasteryPernegg is a small village situated in the north of the “Waldviertel” region (Forest Quarter) of Lower Austria, near the Czech border. The history of Pernegg’s monastery dates back to the second half of the 12th century when Premonstratensian nuns resided ..
BBO: Orion - Woodwind SectionsBBO: Orion features four woodwind ensembles playing tutti (all together) at Synchron Stage Vienna. The ensembles are comprised of Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, and Bassoons with three players each per ensemble.Big Bang Orchestra: OrionWoodwind SectionsFour woodwind ensemble..
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