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Sound Particles

Air PerpetualAir Plug InAir Perpetual: Soar into creative possibilities with Sound Particles Air Perpetual. This perpetual license unlocks a world of airy and atmospheric sounds, allowing you to infuse your projects with a sense of space and dimension...
Brightness PannerBrightness Panner Plug InBrightness Panner: Illuminate your sonic canvas with Sound Particles Brightness Panner. This creative tool enhances your spatial audio by dynamically adjusting brightness, allowing you to sculpt vibrant and expressive soundscapes...
Energy PannerEnergy Panner Plug InEnergy Panner: Energize your spatial audio with Sound Particles Energy Panner. This intuitive tool allows you to dynamically pan sound in a three-dimensional space, adding energy and movement to your audio creations...
DopplerDopplerDoppler: Add a dynamic dimension to your audio with Sound Particles Doppler. This specialized tool introduces realistic Doppler effects, allowing you to create movement and depth in your soundscapes with authenticity and precision...
Panner CollectionPanner CollectionPanner Collection: Elevate your panning game with the Sound Particles Panner Collection. This comprehensive set of panning tools offers diverse and versatile options to bring your spatial audio to life, providing precision and creativity in every movement...
Space Controller StandardSpace Controller StandardSpace Controller Standard: Take command of your spatial audio with Sound Particles Space Controller Standard. This intuitive controller offers precise control over spatial elements, allowing you to sculpt immersive soundscapes and bring your audio pr..
Density plug InDensity plug in licenceDensity plug In: Unleash the power of dynamic audio density with Sound Particles Density Plug-In. This versatile plugin empowers you to shape the sonic density of your compositions, adding depth and richness to your audio creations...
AudioMatrix PerpetualAudioMatrixAudioMatrix Perpetual: Take control of your audio matrix with Sound Particles AudioMatrix Perpetual. This perpetual license provides a robust platform for spatial audio management, offering flexibility and precision in crafting intricate and immersive sonic experience..
Doppler Air PerpetualDoppler & Air Plug InDoppler Air Perpetual: Take your audio to new heights with the perpetual license of Sound Particles Doppler Air. This specialized software introduces dynamic Doppler effects, adding a realistic sense of movement to your audio creations for a truly immers..
Explorer SFX Cloud - 1yearExplorer SFX Cloud - 1yearExplorer SFX Cloud - 1year: Access a universe of sound effects with the Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud. This one-year subscription opens the door to a vast library of high-quality soundscapes and effects, empowering you to enhance your projects..
SkyDust Stereo Binaural SynthSkyDust Stereo & Binaural Synth Plug-In 8 oscillator stereo and binaural immersive virtual instrumentSkyDust Stereo Binaural Synth: Elevate your binaural synthesis with the Sound Particles SkyDust Stereo Binaural Synth. This synth plugin delivers stunning spatial aud..
SkyDust 3D Immersive Synth Plug-InSkyDust 3D Synth Plug-In 8 oscillator immersive virtual instrumentSkyDust 3D Immersive Synth Plug-In: Redefine your sonic landscape with the Sound Particles SkyDust 3D Immersive Synth Plug-In. This groundbreaking synth offers three-dimensional sound design capabilit..
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