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Bundle Sonnox Broadcast Native

Bundle Sonnox Broadcast Native

Sonnox Broadcast Native Bundle

Sonnox Broadcast Collection - Native - Plugin package that contains the Oxford EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Limiter and SuprEsser - Mac / PC AAX (native, HDX), RTAS, VST, AU

Included Plugins

Collection of powerful native plug-ins that provide high-quality processing precision control for broadcast production. Including the renowned Oxford EQ Dynamics plug-ins, the popular Inflator, to maximize sound intensity, the pre-configured Oxford Limiter, the SuprEsser, for fixing problematic frequencies -

Sonnox Broadcast will dramatically improve sound quality of virtually any program. AAX RTAS AU VST.

Make your audio ready for broadcast!

If you work in broadcasting or preparing audio for the web, you know how important a good strong signal is. Sonnox's streaming plug-in package provides all the tools you need to prepare and finalize your footage for airwaves, YouTube or any other streaming medium . The Oxford EQ and Oxford Dynamics plugins are great for generally prepping your tracks while mixing. The Oxford SuprEsser is a real lifesaver when it comes to polishing sibilance out of dialogue. When material when you're done, run it through the Oxford Limiter to get the highest possible signal, or press it with the Oxford Inflator, which adds analogue-style psychoacoustic shape to the s two tracks, which makes them sound even louder, without compressing the lifespan out of them. All together,

Plug-Package Summary Sonnox Broadcast ins:
  • High quality EQ with analog response and classic console sound
  • The magic of a console legendary inside your DAW
  • Reach maximum volume without compromising your mix
  • Transparent and musical limiting
  • The tools you need to keep your tracks under control
High quality EQ with analogue response and classic console sound

There are several reasons why why the Sonnox Oxford EQ plug-in has become the EQ of choice for the quality conscious audio professional. First, the Oxford EQ was created by the same team that designed the Sonnox Oxford OXF-R3 console. O Oxford OXF-R3 is considered one of the best consoles This is not surprising considering that the designers were the original design team that produced the E-series consoles. SSL. This team of audio fanatics, whose underlying design philosophy is sound quality, used the exact algorithms they created for the OXF-R3 console in the Oxford EQ plugin.

The magic of a legendary console inside your DAW

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Native plugins are based on the same processing used in the famous Sony OXF-R3 console. Originally designed by the same team that designed the SSL series consoles And, the Sony Oxford OXF-R3 console is highly regarded as one of the best sound consoles ever made. The Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Native plug-in was designed by the same team of sound-obsessed perfectionists. There are three compressor models , including linear, normal and classic compression styles. The console was a legend in its own time, and Oxford Dynamics Native brings a legend to its DAW!

Reach maximum volume without compromising your mix

The Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native provides an increase in the apparent loudness of your tracks without obvious loss of quality or reduction in dynamic range. It also prevents harmful increases in signal peak level.  Oxford Inflator processing can also bring power, presence and warmth to your tracks, providing additional space complete with the subtlety and sound of famous tube systems. Add Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native to your arsenal of plug-ins and see what are you missing!

Transparent and Musical Limitation

Sonnox has won many "ears of gold" that previously held that you could "listen digitally". Sonox has now added the new Oxford Limiter to its l stellar plug-in list. The good news is that Oxford Limiter is available for native systems! Whether your goal is transparent level control, volume maximization or artistic effect, Oxford Limiter's performance is excellent.

The tools you need to keep your tracks under control

The Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser plugin provides the functionality of multiple plug-ins in one! Featuring a de-esser, compressor and dynamic equalizer, the Oxford SuprEsser offers different modes for quick sound corrections and more detailed fine-tuning of your tracks. You get three listening modes and a handy FET screen to find troublesome frequencies both audibly and visually. This plug-in is incredibly effective for extracting only offending frequencies, and the addition of Auto Level Tracking, Wet / Dry mixing and linear phase filtering make it the Sonnox Oxf ord SuprEss be an essential tool in your processing arsenal!
The Sonnox Broadcast package gives you the tools you need to keep your audience protected!

Technical specifications

  • Software type:Processing package
  • Platform:Mac, PC
  • Update / Full:Full
  • Format:AAX (native, HDX), RTAS, VST, AU
  • Authorization type:iLok account required
  • Hardware requirements - Mac:Intel processors, 1 GB RAM
  • Hardware requirements - PC:1GB RAM
  • OS requirements - Mac:OS X 10.9 or later
  • Minimum requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
Bundle Sonnox Broadcast Native
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Sonnox Broadcast Native BundleSonnox Broadcast Collection - Native - Plugin package that contains the ..

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