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Shakuhachi Premier G is a Japanese Shakuhachi Instrument Library that features three different types of shakuhachi: soprano, mezzo soprano, and alto. It also includes a Super Natural Legato mode, switching condenser and dynamic microphones, overdrive effect, plenty of FX sounds, breath sounds at C3 ..
KAGUYA is a virtual Koto instrument that provides the authentic sound of both traditional 13-string and contemporary 17-string Kotos. It features a variety of playing styles, pitch bending, and 214 audio phrase patterns. Additionally, it includes 36 traditional Japanese scales, a chromatic scale, an..
Drum Tree is a comprehensive drum sound library that features typical drum sounds from 26 genres. It includes 41 snare types, 67 cymbal types, 185 variations, and a vast collection of 8,000 samples (17GB). The sounds are pre-mixed and pre-mastered, so you can simply load them into your DAW and start..
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