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Pitch Innovations

Pitch Innovations Groove ShaperPitch Innovations, shape-based sequencing, intelligent randomization, sampler engine, MIDI supportGroove Shaper: A creative sequencer for instant groovesGroove Shaper is a creative sequencer from Pitch Innovations that lets you generate groovy rhythms, basslines, short..
Pitch Innovations Fluid ChordsPitch Innovations , revolutionary chord bending plugin, unique and unexpected sounds, live performance and studio production, new dimension to your musicFluid Chords is a revolutionary chord bending plugin that lets you bend from any chord to any chord. With Fluid Chor..
Pitch Innovations Fluid PitchPitch Innovations , scale-locked pitch bend, polyphonic pitch bend, micro-tuning, real-time pitch bend intervalsFluid Pitch is a revolutionary MIDI pitch bending tool that gives you unprecedented control over your pitch bend wheel. With Fluid Pitch, you can lock the pit..
Pitch Innovations Fluid BundlePitch Innovations , creative expression, toolkit, music, Fluid BundleThe Fluid Bundle is the ultimate toolkit for creative expression, giving you everything you need to take your music to the next level. With the Fluid Chords and Fluid Pitch plugins, you can create exp..
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