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Brand: N-track
DAW with unlimited audio & MIDI TracksStudio-quality recording, editing, and mixing software. n-Track Studio boasts professional audio quality and easy workflow.System RequirementsCPU:Windows: Pentium III 700맥: Intel Core DuoMemory: 512 MB RAMSound card: Audio device with microphone / line inputTHE..
Brand: N-track
DAW with surround mixing & hardware supportDAW software with visible and clear user interface for musicians and Home-ProducersSongtree integration for working together with other musicians via the InternetUnlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks as well as effects pluginsAllows surround mixing up t..
Brand: N-track
DAW with surround mixing & premium soundbankMIDI Audio Sequencer (DAW)Download versionClearly arranged and easy-to-use DAW software for musicians and producers 'Home-Producer'Songtree integration enables Internet-based cooperation with other musiciansUnlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, as wel..
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