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Las mentes brillantes de Leapwing Audio crearon UltraVox para ser el complemento de mezcla vocal más rápido y con mejor sonido para composi..
AL SCHMITT is an innovative audio processor for mixing and mastering that incorporates the unique techniques and equipment used by the multi-engineer winner, Al Schmitt.Al has been in the recording business since 1949 - and before that, as a kid, he actually spent the weekends at his uncle's housere..
Joe ChiccarelliSignature PluginCapturing the signature sound of multi-award-winning engineer and producer Joe Chiccarelli.Rock & Roll with Joe ChiccarelliWe are proud to announce our second plugin in the Signature Series, developed with producer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli. After going through the proc..
CENTERONECenterOne lets you adjust the phantom center level of a stereo source and even separate the center and side signals. Whether you need to highlight a lead vocal without altering stereo content, or want to isolate centered and panned audio, CenterOne's unique approach gives you unmatched cont..
DYNONEDynOne was designed from the ground up to put 5 bands of quality parallel compression at your fingertips. Transparent, adjustable filters help control audio levels without discarding the nuances of the sound. Smart and responsive attack and release settings work within preset values to get you..
ROOTONERootOne lets you add and shape 3 bands of subharmonic content for perfect tonal balance. If you need to make one part of your mix meet up with the others, or if you need more bass overall, you can ask questions of your workflow when bass is most important. This unique plug-in rounds out your ..
STAGEONEStageOne gives you unrivaled control over aspects of your stereo field, whether you want to amplify stereo audio, add perceived depth or even give mono signals a stereo image so that they fit better in the mix. You can adjust mono width, depth, and spread without phase or mono compatibility ..
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