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Divergent Audio

Divergent Audio Zero 1 Synthvirtual analog synthesizer, tube and tape processed oscillators, switchable filter emulations, editable instrument patches and layered multi patchesZero-1 is a virtual analog synthesizer inspired by the classic CS01 monosynth but with a distinct twist. Instead of simply s..
Divergent Audio Forgotten SongsCinematic and creepy soundscapes, Manipulated vinyl recordings, Looped and unlooped versions, LFO control and attack/EQ settingsForgotten Songs is a Kontakt library that captures the eerie and evolving atmosphere of vintage vinyl recordings from the 1930s. Through stre..
Divergent Audio The Cosmic Music Boxmeticulously recorded samples, synthesized halo effect, randomized delay feature, extensive effects pageThe Cosmic Music Box is a Kontakt library that offers a unique and ethereal take on the classic music box sound. It features:51 meticulously recorded samples: C..
Divergent Audio Dark Tones Vol 1rhythmic patches, non-rhythmic patches, meticulously crafted samples, sound sourcesDark is a Kontakt library designed to explore the dark and hard side of sound design. Building upon the success of Pure, this library dives deeper into a world of menacing textures, rhy..
Divergent Audio Dark Tones Vol 2powerful Kontakt library, diverse collection of soundscapes, pads, textures, and more, Dual Layer Blending System, 76 Presets and 32 Multis, 330 Professionally Produced Multi-Samples, Sinister Undertones, Swelling Atmospheres, Moving Soundscapes, Classic Analogue Synt..
Divergent Audio Eclectic Electric Vol 2composers, sound designers, producers, affordable and versatile synth soundsMini Magic - Eclectic Electric Vol 2 is a great choice for composers, sound designers, and producers looking for affordable and versatile synth sounds. Its diverse sound library, Magic ..
Divergent Audio Spaceology13 Kontakt patches for Kontakt 5+, Remixed NASA recordings, Ethereal and cinematic, Mission VOX patchSpaceology is a unique Kontakt instrument that brings the sounds of outer space directly to your music productions. Featuring 13 meticulously remastered patches derived from..
divergent audio Meloreeddivergent audio, Unmatched Sound Quality, Individual Microphone Control, Expressive Dynamics, Natural CrescendoIntroducing Meloreed, a unique and expressive Kontakt instrument that captures the essence of the melodica with stunning realism. Developed by renowned film composer..
Divergent Audio Hammer Onfocus on hammer-on technique, versatile patches, high-quality multisamples, customizable GUIHammer-On is a Kontakt instrument that focuses solely on the hammer-on guitar technique, offering a unique and expressive sound not found in typical guitar libraries. Recorded on a St..
Divergent Audio Interplanetaryunique Kontakt instrument, antique glass bowl, otherworldly textures, cinematic atmospheresInterplanetary is a unique Kontakt instrument that transforms the sounds of an antique glass bowl into otherworldly textures and cinematic atmospheres. Inspired by iconic sci-fi s..
Divergent Audio Sawmoniumtransform everyday saws into haunting and unsettling soundscapes, crafted a collection of eerie instruments, playable melodies and textures, ideal for film scores and game sound designSAWmonium is a unique Kontakt instrument that transforms everyday saws into haunting and un..
Divergent Audio Antique Metal PercussionUnique and Cinematic Sounds for Kontakt, Master Patches, Manipulated Patches, FX Patches, Controllable ParametersAntique Metal Percussion: Unique and Cinematic Sounds for KontaktAntique Metal Percussion (AMP) offers a unique library of cinematic sounds created..
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