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Babelson Audio ROJBASHdepth and movement, intuitive tremolo and panning effects, rhythmic and textural effects, panning motionsRojBash is a versatile audio plugin that adds depth and movement to your sounds through its intuitive tremolo and panning effects. It's perfect for injecting life into stati..
Babelson Audio MODE 1976vintage vibes, audio effect plugin, classic flanger, vibrato, chorus circuits, vintage magic, vintage-inspired modulation, easy-to-use, unique features, sonic possibilitiesEmbrace the vintage vibes with BaBel Mode 1976, a powerful audio effect plugin that emulates the iconic ..
Babelson Audio BaB Driveanalog tape emulation, classic tubes, tonal shaping options, intensity controlBaB Drive is a powerful audio plugin designed to inject the warmth and character of analog tape and classic tubes (triode, tetrode) into your digital recordings. It seamlessly integrates with most p..
Babelson Audio DelFeed2000ms delay time, Infinite feedback, Super easy interface, Solid-State Analog Delay TechnologyDelFeed is a meticulously crafted plugin that emulates the classic sound and behavior of vintage solid-state analog delays. Perfect for recreating iconic ping-pong and slap-back echo ..
Babelson Audio ProximaDnatural-sounding chorus, unique delay times, super easy interface, analog characterPrepare to be captivated by the legendary Proxima D, a powerful audio plugin that delivers the most natural and thick chorus you've ever heard. This analog chorus effect is renowned for its abil..
Babelson Audio DAW RegulatorEffortless DAW maintenance, Wide range of compatibility, Comprehensive cleaning, Easy to useThe Babelson DAW Regulator is an essential tool for any audio professional who wants to keep their DAW software running smoothly and efficiently. It simplifies the process of maint..
Babelson Audio B-COMPversatile stereo compressor, vintage and modern compression, independent control, comprehensive dynamics processorThe B-Comp is a highly versatile stereo compressor designed with the discerning audio professional in mind. It boasts a unique design, inspired by diode bridge compr..
Babelson Audio BBCMPmultiband compressor, unparalleled control, independent processing, surgical controlBBCMP stands out as a powerful multiband compressor, offering unparalleled control over your audio's dynamics. Its unique feature lies in its ability to split the incoming signal into two separate..
Babelson Audio BeComprevolutionary dynamics processor, compression, transformer-coupled circuits, bridge-driver technologyBeComp is a revolutionary dynamics processor that challenges the conventional notions of compression. Its unique design, based on transformer-coupled circuits and bridge-driver t..
Babelson Audio C-78transparent compression, attack/recovery controls, wide range of ratios, sidechainThe C-78 is a new audio plugin that shines as a transparent compressor and limiter. It excels at controlling and smoothing out audio signals while maintaining a natural and unprocessed sound, making ..
Babelson Audio FD2Ntube equalizer, audio shaping, warmth and fullness, harmonic distortionThe FD2N is a unique tube equalizer that offers a rich and characterful approach to shaping your audio. This 2-band equalizer is designed to infuse your tracks with warmth, presence, and fullness, making it ide..
Babelson Audio H L S DRIVEwarmth, character, clean up, mixesH.L.S Drive is a powerful plug-in designed to add warmth, character, and clean up your mixes. It meticulously emulates the rich-sounding tube saturation behaviors, ensuring even extreme EQ settings remain ultra-musical. Inspired by the lege..
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