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Hello friend of Audio!

Pro Tools 2024.6 is available for download, introducing several significant improvements to the already powerful DAW.

>>> PRO TOOLS 2024.6 >>> Now Available >>> See what's new here

What resources are included in every Pro Tools offering:

Update now your Pro Tools or acquire a new perpetual license or annual subscription

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Ps. Your Pro Tools perpetual can be updated from version 9 (for Studio) or version 9 HD (for Ultimate)

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'Buy the Software you use'
'Buy the Software you use'

Welcome to the Pro Tools Universe!

At, we are excited to introduce the latest news to Pro Tools Perpetual License! Updated September 6, 2023 This is the perfect time for you to enter the world of the best audio production software on the planet!

 What's new in Pro Tools?

All three Pro Tools Perpetual options are now available:

✨ Pro Tools Artist: Ideal for beginners, with reliable tools to turn your artistic visions into reality.
✨ Pro Tools Studio: Perfect for musicians  and serious producers, with a complete environment for each stage of creation.
✨ Pro Tools Ultimate: For professional audio and post-production studios, with advanced features for complex productions.

At you can purchase these licenses in the digital version and start using them immediately!

 Renew or Upgrade your License!

To keep your perpetual license current, Pro Tools has consolidated your renewal and upgrade options. There will no longer be high prices for customers who have left their support plans.

And we have great news for students and teachers! You can also renew or upgrade your Pro Tools Studio EDU licenses and, if necessary, revalidate your academic eligibility.

Renewing or Upgrading Your Existing Perpetual License

To make it easier to keep your perpetual license current, we've consolidated renewal and upgrade options into Pro Tools Perpetual Upgrades. There will no longer be separate, higher-priced upgrades for customers who have exited upgrade and support plans.

Here are the new perpetual license upgrade options:

  • Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Upgrade
  • Pro Tools Studio Perpetual Upgrade
  • Pro Tools Studio Perpetual Upgrade EDU for Students and Teachers
  • Pro Tools Studio Perpetual Upgrade EDU for Institutions
  • Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual Upgrade

Renewing Your Existing Active License

If you already have an active plan, you can purchase a Perpetual Upgrade directly from your Avid reseller or from the product page in your Avid Account. Stay up to date and continue enjoying all the features of Pro Tools!

Upgrading from Pro Tools 12 or Newer with an Expired Plan

Those who are on Pro Tools 12 or later with an expired plan can purchase a Perpetual Upgrade from their Avid reseller and enter the redemption code on the product page in their Avid Account. You can also purchase the Perpetual Upgrade directly from Avid on the same page as your Avid Account.

Upgrading from Pro Tools 9, 10, or 11 with an Expired Plan

Customers on Pro Tools 9, 10 or 11 with an expired plan must purchase a Perpetual Upgrade from their Avid reseller and redeem it at They will be guided to create an Avid Account before upgrading the expired license. Remember, these customers cannot purchase an upgrade directly from Avid, only through a reseller.

Students and Teachers: Renew or Upgrade Your Pro Tools Studio Education License

Students and teachers with an expired Pro Tools Studio EDU license can purchase a Perpetual Upgrade from their Avid reseller and enter the redemption code on the product page in their Avid Account. In any case, the customer will have to revalidate their academic eligibility via the link provided on the Product page in their Avid Account.

Renewal and Update of Educational License for Institutions

Institutional customers with an expired Pro Tools Studio EDU license can purchase a Perpetual Upgrade from their Avid reseller and enter the redemption code on the product page in their Avid Account. Keep in mind that there is no option to purchase a Perpetual Upgrade directly from Avid. Institutional clients do not need to revalidate their academic eligibility.

Why Choose Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is the most flexible audio production software on the market, ideal for creating music, movies and TV shows. It offers a complete set of tools for creating, recording, editing and mixing audio. With a huge collection of plugins, instruments and sounds, you'll have unlimited inspiration. Plus, you can tackle the most ambitious projects with advanced features and practical controls. Create high-quality mixes faster with the best built-in control interfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Common language for audio: Use Pro Tools, trusted by professionals and enthusiasts, for music, movies, and TV.
  • Track any creative process: Customize your workflow at every stage of creation, from releasing non-linear clips to world-class editing and mixing.
  • An ever-evolving DAW: In addition to the massive collection of plugins and sounds, your Pro Tools subscription also offers quarterly updates, new plugins, and free monthly sound content, plus music distribution.
  • Unmatched creative freedom: Capture flawless performances and shape audio and MIDI your way.
  • Hardware and software integration: High-quality interfaces and control surfaces deliver high-quality recording and monitoring, near-zero latency, and unparalleled hands-on control.

Pro Tools Sketch: The Non-Linear Creative Tool

In addition to Pro Tools options, we introduce Pro Tools Sketch. This is the ideal tool for capturing and experimenting with ideas wherever inspiration strikes you. It offers a non-linear clip-based environment with 16 tracks and virtually unlimited scenes for launching samples/loops, recording audio and capturing MIDI performances. Pro Tools Sketch is also available as a free iPad app.

Compare Pro Tools Versions

  • Pro Tools Intro: For beginners and enthusiasts just starting out.
  • Pro Tools Artist: For aspiring music creators.
  • Pro Tools Studio: For serious artists and independent producers.
  • Pro Tools Ultimate: For high-quality post-production audio installations and music studios.

Regardless of your experience level, Pro Tools has the right solution for you!

Enter the World of Pro Tools Now

 Other reasons to choose Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is the most flexible and complete audio production software on the market. With a vast collection of plugins, instruments, and sounds, you can bring your musical ideas to life. Additionally:

✨ Keep the momentum going with any creative process.
✨ Gain access to quarterly updates and new free plugins every month 
✨ Have complete creative freedom to capture, edit, and mix audio and MIDI however you want.< br />✨ Seamless integration of hardware and software for the highest recording quality

And there's more! Pro Tools is used on more GRAMMY-winning records than any other DAW, thanks to its comprehensive toolset and world-class audio performance.

Whether you're an excited beginner or a seasoned pro, Pro Tools is the key to unlocking your creative potential.

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Enter this world of musical possibilities with Pro Tools. Don't wait any longer to start creating, mixing and producing like a pro. Visit / and turn your passion for music into reality today!



Are you ready to create music with great sound like your favorite artists?

You have access to the same tools that you use in professional recording studios such as Pro Tools Intro. This free all-in-one DAW is the most powerful creative audio tool on the market and has been around for decades. Compose, play, write and record your music and take advantage of world-renowned editing and mixing resources. With Pro Tools, you can collaborate with other artists and upload your work from the beginning to the master. Between not playing Pro Tools Intro and downloading the most recent version here.


Installing Pro Tools Intro

Intro to Pro Tools "Can't Get Enough" Guided Tour Demo Session

Creating a beat in 10 minutes with Pro Tools Intro

Creating an acoustic track in 10 minutes with Pro Tools Intro

Establish a drum track with Pro Tools Intro

How to Convert Pro Tools Intro to a Paid Pro Tools Tier


ARA 2 Melodyne Integration

For those of you who have been waiting, the wait is finally over.Avid recently announced that ARA 2 support is coming to the next release of Pro Tools.This will allow for seamless integration between Pro Tools and Melodyne, two of the most requested resources for end users.

By linking this dynamic pitch and tempo correction plug-in with your Pro Tools DAW, Avid eliminates the need for back-and-forth audio, creating a more simplified and organized work flow.



Check out the license that best suits your needs and buy now the most award-winning audio production software in the world, offering everything you need to make music, som para video ou his great work-prima.

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