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About Us

Embark on a Sonic Journey with and /.es!

Passion, integrity, honesty, trust, and entrepreneurship converge at and /.es to redefine excellence in providing the best professional tools for you to unleash your talent.

The Maestro Behind the Vision: Meet Renato Teixeira, the creative force shaping our legacy.

Our Evolutionary Melody: Since 1994, from the roots of "Music Mall" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we've grown into iconic ventures like LUX 8,, and /.es, and more. Pushing boundaries, we've redefined excellence in Brazilian professional audio and recording studio gear integration, serving local artists and producers for decades.

Echoes of Music Mall: "Music Mall" transcended commerce, becoming an industry icon—a sanctuary for musicians. Renowned for excellence and innovation, it expanded into music production, live events, broadcast, education, and dubbing, setting up major recording facilities. A Native Symphony of Software: In 2018, emerged, delivering software, DAWs, and plug-ins to Brazilian musicians. Committed to excellence and anti-piracy, we proudly contribute to a thriving ecosystem of legitimate software use as IMSTA members. and /.es: Bridging Global Audiences: With over three decades of audio market experience, and /.es stands as a premier global provider of professional audio, music, and video software tools. Our mission is clear—to help you choose the right tools, becoming your trustworthy curator among myriad brands and products.

Join Our Symphony: At and /.es, we are committed to excellence, offering outstanding customer service, honesty, and integrity. Rest assured; you can even send us an email, and we'll respond personally to guide you on your musical journey.

Sincerely, and /.es Team

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